Advantages of Caravan Ownership

Why should you buy a caravan in the Yorkshire Dales?

Experience the Dales when you buy a static caravan at Beamsley Mill Caravan Park on the Bolton Abbey Estate. There are so many advantages to ownership:

  1. Your bolthole in the Yorkshire Dales – a private retreat to enjoy most of the year in a beautiful countryside setting.
  2. Stunning natural beauty – surrounded by trees and rolling hills, with a beck running alongside, within easy reach of the riverside, ancient woodland and spectacular moorland.
  3. Peace & tranquillity – the site is intimate and welcoming, and suited to those looking for a quieter, more sedentary holiday who wish to enjoy a peaceful getaway.
  4. Outdoor activities – with 80 miles of footpaths and 5 miles of double bank fishing on the estate and plenty of options for more adventurous activities further afield.
  5. Complimentary Bolton Abbey season ticket – providing a variety of benefits; including free admission to our car parks, and various discounts on food, goods and the Spa.
  6. Convenient location and accessibility – within easy access of many towns and cities.
  7. Pet & visitor friendly - family visitors are allowed, including children, and pets are also permitted.

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