Environmental Management

Sustainable land management protects and enhances the wildlife habitat here at Bolton Abbey.

For generations we have carefully managed and improved nearly 15,000 acres of moorland and 1,500 acres of woodland to create sustainable habitats supporting an abundance of wildlife. Our team of gamekeepers continue this work through the control of invasive species such as bracken and rush and the maintenance of Dales landscape features such as stone walls.

Barden Moor and Barden Fell are home to two of six Sites of Special Scientific Interest on the Estate. They form part of the internationally important North Pennine Moorlands recognised for their blanket bog, heather moorland vegetation and breeding bird populations.

In partnership with our tenant farmers we have consistently looked at ways to improve our farmland for wildlife whether through the creation of hedgerows, planting of small farm woods or the design of field margins all of which provide a vital habitat for a high number of species.

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