Broadleaf and coniferous trees managed for commercial, conservation and amenity woodland at Bolton Abbey.

The broadleaf woodlands are predominantly in the southern part of the Estate on the lower more fertile slopes of the valley. These derive from long established woodlands, many of which are ancient in origin.

The largest and most important broadleaf woodland is Strid Wood. Strid Wood was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest by English Nature in 1985 because it is the largest example of acidic oak woodland in the Yorkshire Dales. The wood is particularly important for lichen species, several of which are nationally rare. Today you can explore the miles of trails through Strid Wood.

Current markets for Estate woodland are for sawlogs, palletwood and chipwood with all timber extracted directly from the woodland. Through our commitment to renewable technology this will change, with timber being used in our biomass installations and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

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