Broadleaf and coniferous trees managed for commercial, conservation and amenity woodland at Bolton Abbey.

The Estate manages 1,500 acres of woodland, comprising broadleaf and coniferous woodland and is managed for commercial, conservation and amenity purposes.

We recognise our role in addressing global sustainability challenges such as climate change, natural resource shortages and declining biodiversity.

Our Forestry team work hard to ensure their carbon footprint is kept as small as possible. They do this by;

  • Cutting, splitting and naturally air drying their firewood logs instead of kiln drying them.
  • Undertaking an extensive replanting programme in the winter months, designed to ensure there is a continued timber supply.
  • Taking great care in managing the woodlands to ensure habitats are protected and conserved, especially in Strid Wood, one of our SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) areas.

The Estate’s commercial woodland is primarily used for firewood, saw logs, pallet wood and chip wood, with all timber extracted directly from the woodland. Through our commitment to renewable technology this will change, with timber being used in our biomass installations and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Bolton Abbey Firewood is grown and harvested on the Estate and you can purchase any of the below by clicking the ‘order now’ button.

  • Dumpy bag of hardwood logs - £90.00
  • Small net bag of hardwood logs - £8.00
  • Small net back of kindling - £6.00

Due to unprecedented demand we have temporarily stopped log orders until further notice.