Flora and Fauna

A haven for common and rare species

Bolton Abbey is described as “one of the finest wildlife habitats for miles around, the array of species that can be seen and enjoyed is magnificent.” Lucky visitors might spot the otters playing in the River Wharfe, the green woodpecker on the east bank or the buzzard soaring over the moors.

At ground level there is a plethora of wild flowers and fungi to be enjoyed. If you are visiting in Spring, a walk through Strid Wood is a must so as not to miss the carpet of bluebells and the pungent aroma of wild garlic. In the summer, yarrow and yellow pimpernel can be found. The rich vibrant colours of autumn adorn Strid Wood, beneath the canopy fly agaric, death cap and stinkhorn appear.

Moorland Management

Barden Moor and Barden Fell open access areas and grouse moors are a Site of Special Scientific Interest designated because of the plethora of species to be seen.

Environmental Management

Kingfisher, robin, dipper, heron, mandarin duck - the list is endless. Share your observations with fellow visitors on our nature diary outside the Cavendish Shop or on our facebook page.