Priory Church and Ruins

Feel free to wander around the Priory Ruins and Church

At the heart of Bolton Abbey Estate lies the Priory Church and Ruins of an Augustinian Priory in its beautiful riverside setting. The land was gifted to the Augustinian canons by Alice de Rumilly in 1154. The canons lived and worshipped here until 1539 when the dissolution of the monasteries stripped the Priory of its assets. History lovers will enjoy the story of Prior Moone and how he negotiated with Cromwell to secure the nave as a place of worship for the local community and how the church continues to thrive to this day.

With seating both in and around the Priory Church, this is the perfect location to sit back, admire the view and escape the 21st Century.

Priory Church

The church guides welcome historians, schools and families.

Unfortunately guided tours are presently not available.

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We are dedicated to looking after our estate forever for everyone to enjoy. It also very important that people remain safe on their visits. The Priory is a historical ruin, so please do not climb on it or access areas within the ruin where there is a risk of falling masonry or height drops. Please keep children under close supervision. Thank you for your understanding.