Strid Wood and the Strid

This ancient woodland is one of the most visited in the Yorkshire Dales

Strid Wood, one of the largest remnants of sessile oak trees in the Yorkshire Dales hugs the banks of the river Wharfe and invites visitors to walk its shaded paths. Renowned for the flora and fauna, bluebells flower in late April and early May, followed by wild garlic in bloom. This majestic wood is home to a myriad of wildlife including roe deer, otters, kingfisher and greater spotted woodpecker.

In 1810 the 6th Duke of Devonshire and the Rev. William Carr opened Strid Wood and invited the public to walk the paths they created. Enjoy the views from the carefully placed seats along the nature trails.

Nature Trails

The colour coded walks through Strid Wood follow surfaced paths to lead you to your destination. The green trail from the Cavendish Pavilion to the Strid on the west bank of river is pushchair and wheelchair friendly.

Where can I walk?

Be sure not to miss the Strid, a natural wonder, where the river suddenly narrows forcing the water through at great pressure. The Strid was formed by the wearing of softer rock by the circular motion of small stones in hollows.

The Strid is positioned in the heart of Strid Wood. Depending on how far you wish to walk the Strid can be accessed from all three estate car parks. Please see link to plan your walk.

Please note the Strid is very dangerous and lives have been lost. Please take note of the signs in this area and stay well back from the edge.