Bolton Abbey Car Parks

There are four car parks on the estate giving access to the Priory Church and Ruins, the stepping stones, riverside and beach area, Cavendish Pavilion, Strid Wood and the Strid and the Valley of Desolation. You are welcome to move from one car park to another, on the date of your visit, subject to availability.

We hope you share our enjoyment of this beautiful place whether you like being close to nature and the great outdoor or simply wish to relax with family and friends.

All the proceeds from the car park fees are reinvested in the estate to help maintain and preserve Bolton Abbey for this and future generations to enjoy. Thank for your support and contribution.

Barden Field Car Park

Positioned at the northern end of the estate next to Barden Bridge this car park enjoys 330m of riverside frontage.  Barbecues are welcome in this car park.  They should be disposable or portable by design.  Gas fuelled barbecues and stoves are not permitted.  

Visitors from this car park can enjoy a 2km circular walk crossing the river down stream via the aqueduct.  Its splendid castellations hide the pipe that carries water from the reservoirs at the top of Nidderdale to the cities of West Yorkshire.  Returning along the west bank of the river, crossing the river again at Barden Bridge.  

Barden Field Car Park is north of the Strid and perfect for a barbecue

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Bolton Abbey Car Park

Nestled in the village of Bolton Abbey, the Bolton Abbey car park serves as the gateway to the estate and a day of exploration.  It is ideally located for exploring the Priory Church and Ruins, the stepping stones and beach area. 

Bolton Abbey is a chocolate box village, complete with gift shop, Post Office, tea rooms over looking the Priory Ruins and the village green and Grove Rare Books, a quintessential country bookshop.

If you are coming to enjoy the Welly Walk and, or the Family Cycle Zone this is where you need to park.

Bolton Abbey car park is closest to the Priory Church and Ruins and Stepping Stones.

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atRiverside Car Park

With half a mile of riverside frontage, Riverside Car Park invites visitors to picnic alongside the river Wharfe and relax in the beautiful, surrounding countryside.

The Cavendish Pavilion sits at the top of the car park and at the entrance to Strid Wood.  The Cavendish Pavilion was originally built in the 1890's as a tea room to serve the thousands of visitors who arrived by train.

The car park offers easy access along the riverside and through Strid Wood, to the Strid.

Riverside car park adjacent to the river Wharfe, close to the Cavendish Pavilion and entrance to Strid Wood.

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Strid Wood Car Park -Temporarily closed

Tucked within the embrace of Strid Wood's ancient canopy,  Strid Wood car park beckons nature enthusiasts to start their woodland adventure here, offering a gateway to the network of nature trails laid out in 1810 by William Carr, the Rector and the 6th Duke of Devonshire.  

Strid Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, designated because it is one of the largest areas of acidic woodland in the Yorkshire Dales and home to a rich variety of birds, plants animals and insects.  Follow the paths and enjoy the views just as William Wordsworth did.  

Strid Wood car park at the northern end of the Estate.

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