Dogs at Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey Estate welcomes all our canine friends.

We strive to be inclusive in every aspect of running the Estate and want to ensure our dog walking visitors benefit from this too.

Our dog map above highlights where your dog can run free, walk to heel and where it needs to be on a lead.

We offer two large open spaces where dogs can run free (Barden field and the ‘dog field’ opposite the Cavendish Pavilion and downstream of the wooden bridge). We ask that on footpaths outside of our woodland areas your dog walks to heel, but may walk off the lead. Within woodland areas we ask that your dog remains on its lead.

Why keep your dog on a lead in the woods?

Strid Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and home to wildlife. If dogs are running free it can disturb these natural habitats. Some of our woodland paths are also steep with unguarded slopes meaning dogs could pose potential danger to our visitors if running off their leads.

Dog parking and water taps are available outside all three Estate gift shops. Please leave your dog outside the shops. Assistance dogs are welcome in.

Barden Moor and Barden Fell are Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Under the access agreement established in 1968 dogs are excluded from these areas. This exclusion includes the Valley of Desolation and Simon’s Seat walks.

Please respect that not all our visitors like dogs. We wish to ensure every visitor has an enjoyable experience at Bolton Abbey.