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We are looking for sole traders through to principal contractors who would like to be part of the maintenance and restoration of the built environment on the estate. We’re searching for a wide variety of skills from dry stone walling and decorators, to builders. Projects on the estate range from reactive work to short, medium and long term projects.

The estate works with an array of trades and contractors, investing between £1.5 to £2 million per annum, to ensure that the estate is maintained and developed for current and future generations to live, work and play on. Our team of contractors regularly work on projects, which include:

  • Repairing, reinstating and building new drystone walls, fences, bridges, gates and stiles
  • Cutting miles of roadside hedgerow
  • Renovating houses, converting barns and maintaining the ancient schedule monuments and listed buildings
  • Servicing the water supply that feeds all properties, farms and their livestock, businesses and visitors to the estate
  • Maintaining and upgrading the electric supplies
  • Repairing and replacing wooden window frames and doors
  • Decorating the interior and exterior of the buildings across the estate
  • Re-roofing, surveying and bat monitoring

Not to mention the more unusual and unique projects that the estate has to offer such as weeding the woody material growing from the Priory Ruins and Barden Tower and replacing the missing stepping stones across the River Wharfe.

Bolton Abbey Estate is owned by the Chatsworth Settlement Trustees, a discretionary trust set up by the 10th Duke of Devonshire. The Family takes a personal interest in its management, which is administered by the Yorkshire Estates Director, supported by the Estate Manager and Heads of Department – Accountant, Building Surveyor, Forestry, Game, Grounds Maintenance, and Visitor Manager.

The estate extends to 28,000 acres and has a wealth of hamlets and farms, providing homes and a living to approximately 40 agricultural tenants (farmers), 150 residential tenants and 80 business tenants, the ruins of two ancient schedule monuments - Bolton Priory and Barden Tower, four Sites of Special Scientific Interest, approximately 13,500 acres of managed grouse moorland and 1,800 acres of forestry.

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