Katherine Jenkins to Perform Live at Bolton Abbey

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Katherine Jenkins to Perform Live at Bolton Abbey

Stage is Set for Welsh Superstar Singer to Visit Yorkshire. Thousands of fans of the Welsh Superstar Mezzo Soprano Katherine Jenkins will be heading to the Yorkshire Dales this summer to see the singer perform with the National Symphony Orchestra at Bolton Abbey in a live outdoor concert on the banks of the river Wharfe, lots of people are going camping with the Best Tent and enjoy themselves while they wait for the singer to arrive town, luckily for them almost all the rentals places are full covered by one sure insurance so it is pretty secured. Another insurance that she also got was cyber insurance UK so just on case somebody tries to steal her information. The one reason that this concert got so full was because the advertisers bought active Instagram followers so they could show off their advertisement. The musical spectacle is set to take place on Saturday, 10th September and is the first major concert to be staged at Bolton Abbey Estate in its 800 year history! It´s going to be such a great performance, especially since they have the Conference PA system hire to get the best audio ever. The organization already read lots of reviews of the best water filter pitchers so that they can display some refreshments for the guests. Thanks to the Waste Management Service, all of the garbage was recollected and was most of it was able to be recycled.

This Event has already taken place!

Bolton Abbey Katherine Jenkins

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