Ideas For Your Family Day Out This Spring at Bolton Abbey

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Beamsley Mill Caravan Park
Top 5 reasons to buy a static caravan in the Yorkshire Dales
A unique safari adventure in the UK…
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Ideas For Your Family Day Out This Spring at Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey - Your Visit - Car Parks

Spring, can you believe, is here. And about time too! You can feel it, seeing the buds on the trees, the snowdrops and daffodils and of course not forgetting the birdsong, which at this time of year has that unmistakeable sound that comes with a change in the seasons. But the one thing that tells you spring is really here is feeling the warmth of the sun on your face again.

If last spring’s anything to go by, make the most of it by getting yourselves out in the Yorkshire Dales, stretching those weary legs if all the rain and cold’s put you off, and taking in lots of fresh air. Here, at Bolton Abbey, we’ve got a few ideas for you to contemplate on your day out, whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Bolton Abbey and River Wharfe

Easter Trail

Let’s just start right here with something for the whole family to enjoy shall we, because our larger than life bunnies are back in their familiar surroundings to greet you.

Get the kids to embark on a little adventure through Strid Wood in search of our bunnies. Make sure they do though, because to take part in our puzzle each bunny has a clue for them to find and they can’t crack the puzzle until they find all the clues.

And when that’s done, and perhaps taking a little inspiration from our own bunnies, why not ask them to enter our design a bunny competition. And who knows, if they win, they will see their design on one of our bunnies next Easter. Not just that, you’ll also win a Bolton Abbey season ticket for 12 months!

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Family day out on the Easter Trail at Bolton Abbey

Hesketh Farm

Bunnies might be a little harder to find here, but you never know. What you’re much more likely to come across are some lovable livestock longing to be stroked and fed and, while you’re there, check some of their other activities like a little game of hide and seek in their straw maze.

Want to be around for feeding time?

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Feeding time for these lambs at Hesketh Farm

The Welly Walk

Now here’s something that’ll occupy young minds – a set of obstacles to burn off a little energy because let’s be honest having a sense of adventure is no bad thing is it, and they’ll thank you for it.

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Then again, you might prefer something a little less energetic for your children and we get that too. If that’s you, read on.

Keeping your balance on the Welly Walk

The Family Cycle Zone

We know finding a place for a child to cycle safely can be a problem depending where you live. With that in mind, very close to the heart of the village, we’ve created a field that mimics the kinds of potential hazards they might face in the real world. Watch them cycle along roads that cut through the tall grass complete with traffic signs just to give it that authentic feel away from all potential dangers.

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Spring is also that time of year when we show our love and appreciation for the one person we want to say thank you to.

I think I'll go this way! Road signs in the Cycle Zone at Bolton Abbey

Mother’s Day

If you’re the one looking for something that’s pretty laid back and gentle, what about a lovely wander by the River Wharfe to start off with!

We’ve got various trails across our vast estate spanning 30,000 acres but the most popular ones you’ll find are close to the river.

A particular favourite starts from the Cavendish Pavilion and takes you up our green trail for about a mile through Strid Wood until you reach one of the most spectacular natural wonders in this country.

Known as The Strid, the river here unleashes its almighty force gushing out unimaginable amounts of water through a narrow opening in the rocks. It is really a spot to admire but also respect given its dangers.

The Strid on the River Wharfe, a popular natural wonder to visit on your day out

Notice as you go through the woods the new shoots of life all around you on the ground, catch the birdsong in the trees, and even the first glimpse of a butterfly in the early spring sunshine. Along the way, don’t be surprised to see the shy but eagle-eyed heron, as the master of all anglers waits patiently on the edge of the river waiting for a spot of lunch, or if you’re eagle-eyed yourself, you might just see the amazing sight of a kingfisher with its bright blue and orange plumage flash past low above the water.And yes, they might be illusive creatures but if you’re really, really quiet and look out over the river, you might even spot an otter or, perhaps in the deep undergrowth, a roe deer.

The Strid Wood
Roe Deer in undergrowth at Bolton Abbey

Group attending our Introduction to Woodland Birds

Cavendish Pavilion

Talking of lunch, after your walk, treat your mum or any of your loved ones to a slice of cake and a cuppa at the Cavendish Pavilion. Or, maybe if you’d fancy something a little more substantial, try some of these places nearby

Head to Cavendish Pavilion for cup of tea and cake after walk

But before you even do that, you might also like a little browse at the Cavendish Shop next door, just in case you’re looking for that gift you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget we’ve also got the Village Shop which we can easily get to, using your parking ticket which is transferable across our car parks.
Gifts at the Cavendish Shop

Simon’s Seat

Whether it’s mum you’re thinking of, or your family, partner or friends, or you just want a bit of me time, and you think you’ve got what it takes, why not test yourself with one of our most challenging walks on the estate.

Starting by the river close to the Cavendish Pavilion and passing the Valley of Desolation and waterfall, you’ll take the four mile walk up to Simon’s Seat, 485 metres above sea level, which is taller than the famous Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. And don’t take my word for it, but on a clear day, the views are stunning.

Simon's Seat
Passing the Valley of Desolation towards Simon's Seat

Bringing you closer to nature

Over the next few months, we’ve got some special events coming up. The first is our Curlew and Endangered Wader Safaris which celebrate the strong Curlew population on the estate and look at the work our amazing and dedicated gamekeepers are doing to protect the habitats of other species.

Only a few places will be available so please keep an eye on our website for further details. And as it’s the first we have lined up a few others for you including our Introduction to Woodland Birds.

Curlew in natural habitat on Bolton Abbey estate

Group attending our Introduction to Woodland Birds

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas to play around with, plan your day out at Bolton Abbey this spring on your own, with family or friends by going to our website

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