Barden Tower

An imposing ruin with a long and romantic history

Barden Tower was one of six hunting lodges and the principle seat of administration for Barden hunting forest. Henry Clifford, the Shepherd Lord, rebuilt the hunting lodge in the late 15th century and made it his principle residence. In 1515 he built the Priest House next to the chapel.

Lady Anne Clifford restored Barden Tower in 1659. Surprisingly, it did not belong to her, but on her death it was returned to the rightful owners, The Earls of Cork. Sadly the building fell into decline in the late 18th century.


Visitors are welcome to wander round the ruined tower to contemplate its rich and varied history. Download a map and make it a stop on your next walk.

The adjacent Priest House is successful restaurant and popular wedding venue.

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We are dedicated to looking after our estate forever for everyone to enjoy. It also very important that people remain safe on their visits. Barden Tower is a historical ruin, so please do not climb on it or access areas within the ruin where there is a risk of falling masonry or height drops. Please keep children under close supervision.
Thank you for your understanding.